Thicker Than Water by Laura Quinn (Book Review)

Thicker Than Water by Laura Quinn

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A heart-warming story of love, friendship, hope, loss, betrayal, war and a pandemic from a 100 years ago. Loved this book and highly recommend to fans of historical fiction and WWI stories.
For a debut novel, it’s incredibly well-researched (down to the minutest details) and superbly written with an enjoyable balance of description and dialogue.
The prologue with the little, hungry brother and sister broke my heart and I was thinking ‘this is going to a difficult book’. But I was so wrong! From Chapter 1, the story launches into a classical narrative and keeps the reader enticed enough to never put down the book until the end.
The character arcs are also unique. With each chapter, one can see not only the MCs but also the other characters evolving through the story. Every part is relatable yet unique in it’s own way.
The war and the pandemic are smoothly weaved into the story and my heart broke once again to see the lovers forced apart from each other. The family drama, society politics, economic turmoils, etc add new flavours to the story.
I believe it’s incredibly difficult to write about 4 MCs and their romance but Quinn truly nailed it. Each MC has the reader’s attention and holds their own in the entire book. At first, I thought the main couple are Danny and Jennie since the book begins with their struggle in love but very quickly I realised that Shannon and Hugh are also the main couple. Their romance also goes through it’s fair amount of ups and downs and, by the end, I’m in tears of joy with all the happy reunions. It’s truly a wonderful story.
I received a free ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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New Book Release: Friday, May 27, 2022

Titanic’ meets ‘Boardwalk Empire’ in this historical fiction set against the picturesque shore town of Cape May, NJ, at the onset of World War One. A sweeping saga of betrayal, lies, and loss on all sides.

Content Warnings: Alcoholism, child abuse and neglect, gambling, animal cruelty, trench warfare, submarine warfare, explosives, pandemic life, and period-typical gangland violence as it pertains to Prohibition. While the author has made every effort to approach these topics in a responsible manner, discretion is advised.

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